Your Crew Depends On You

Resilience means you get to have the health, drive, and energy to be there for your crew and your community. It means thriving year after year in your career (not just surviving).

With First in Wellness, you’ll have professional-level insights from health and wellness experts to keep you in the game and going strong. Our programs are designed with science backed techniques. You’ll learn simple lifestyle hacks in nutrition, sleep, fitness, and psychological health topics that'll keep you at your peak performance now and for years to come.

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Training You To Bounce Back From Even The Toughest Calls And Training Days

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One-On-One Training

Personalized lifestyle coaching in nutrition, sleep, and mental agility specifically for firefighters.

Change is hard, but having support along the way can help. Jumpstart your journey to better performance and health. Come away from sessions with easy to follow, personalized plans to boost your performance (and feel great).

A Better You

Firefighters who complete our program have seen awesome results:

Getting off medications

Weight loss

Changes in body composition

Improved sleep

Healthier eating habits

More mindfulness

Improved wellbeing

Get Your First Day Behind You

If you’re serious about making changes, take this chance to get going. Talk about motivation! Be the best firefighter you can be. What you’ll get:

  • Professional-level guidance from health and wellness experts.
  • Deep discounts on the personalized Kettlebell fitness program and one-on-one coaching with the experts who built this program.
  • Instructional videos and handouts on goal-setting, nutrition, sleep, stress modulation and emotional health.
  • Put us in touch with your department and you can earn $500 as a gift from us to you if your department signs up!

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60-day money back guarantee. Go through this program and follow the training. The 60 days is more than enough time for you to see and feel your improvement. If you aren’t satisfied, contact us and we will be happy to refund your purchase. We are committed to your results.

You can’t buy resilience.
But you can build it with First in Wellness.

First in Wellness is all about helping you make and keep promises to yourself, your crew, and your community. Sure we tell you how to eat better, sleep better, and take care of yourself. Then we go further, training you to take charge of your own wellness for real results that last.

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Success Stories

“I’d recommend it to anyone that's serious about getting healthy and watching what you eat and trying to figure out better sleep patterns. It's definitely a good program.”
- Program Participant
“It can be tailored to who you are and where you are in your life. It's an adaptable program.”
- Program Participant

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Your Crew Depends On You

Investing in your own health is something that not only benefits you, it also benefits your crew and your community. Click the button below, fill out the order form, and you will get access to your First In Resilience Program within 24 hours!