Fitness Is Part Of The Job

Firefighters are expected to take a beating and keep going, but aren’t always given the tools to support that crushing amount of stress.

12-week program for firefighters with video guidance and follow along workouts.

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Increase work capacity  |   Work harder using less oxygen  |  Be confident you can perform

Years of high performance needs more than “just work harder”

Injuries stacking up?
Body doesn’t respond like it used to?
Aches, pain, and soreness getting in the way of the job?

Maintaining a high performance body needs training with attention to detail.

Train For Durability

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Programmed for Performance

Unconventional equipment - sandbags and kettlebells train practical strength needed for the imbalanced objects firefighters have to move, drag, and carry.

Programmed for success

Week 1 - Establish your baseline and get moving
Weeks 2-5 - Build and strengthen your foundation
Week 6 - Retest and recover
Weeks 7-11 - Performance phase!
Week 12 - Wind down, retest, and be ready for more

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Measurable Results - Our Guarantee

Testing and retesting your progress is built into this program. We guarantee you’ll improve.

Lung Capacity - 3 simple tests provide a clear baseline followed by retesting.
Mobility - range of motion is essential for getting into better positions for safe lifting and generating power. Establishing a baseline and retesting is built into the program.
Performance - celebrate your improvements in lung capacity, mobility, strength, and conditioning.

60-day money back guarantee. Go through this program and follow the training. The 60 days is more than enough time for you to see and feel your improvement. If you aren’t satisfied, contact us and we will be happy to refund your purchase. We are committed to your results.

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Bonus Material

Shoulder Health Program
Shoulders are the most vulnerable joint in the body and there’s a good chance you’ve had trouble with yours. Bulletproof your shoulders with these precise exercises to strengthen, improve range of motion, and protect your shoulders.

Supplemental, follow-along workouts
2 option workouts are included in the program. If you come into the program with a high level of fitness, you can use these each week as noted in the training schedule or save them to complete and repeat after the 12 weeks have ended.

Success Stories

“I have noticed an increase in awareness with breathing and overall movement.  I am more cognizant of how and when I am moving and maintaining good posture and body line positioning.”
- Bay Area Firefighter
“The changes I have noticed in the past 6 months are that I have decreased my lower back pain and have also had better range of motion and reduced stiffness in shoulder and knee joints.  My overall body fat has also been reduced by 5% and I feel much better with my overall strength and flexibility."
- Bay Area Firefighter