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First In Wellness Featured Podcasts

Our founder, Danielle and the team have been a guest on a number of industry podcasts, learn more about the FIW mission below.

Heroes First

Danielle and Simon are featured guests. We talk about how the First In Wellness 90 Day program supports first responders on and off the job. This podcast is sponsored by Fund the First, an online donation based, verified crowdfunding platform for our nation's heroes.

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Behind the Shield

On this episode of Behind the Shield, Danielle is the featured guest and discusses nutrition in hospitals, gut bacteria, sleep deprivation and cancer, supplementation, functional medicine and much more.

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The Firefighter Deconstructed

Christy Warren hosts Danielle, Mike, and Simon from First In Wellness in a discussion about supporting mental health with nutrition, sleep, stress modulation, and exercise.

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Consequence of Habit

Addressing the issues facing our first responders is WAY overdue, and I was extremely excited to sit down with Daniel and Simon to discuss how they and their team are serving those who serve us.

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Your Oxygen Mask First

The episode features Danielle and Simon talk about the pilot program they are running with a fire department in California. Hear some secret tips on how to change your habits to live a happier and healthier life!

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Trusted Patners

Asbestos.comFirefighters face extreme asbestos exposure risks, and as a result, they suffer an elevated rate of asbestos-related diseases such as mesothelioma. The Mesothelioma Center supports firefighters with occupational cancer and works to prevent toxic exposure in the future. helps those who are at the forefront of raising awareness about asbestos dangers and mesothelioma, and researches innovative treatments that will one day cure the disease.


Cordico is used by First Responders (police, fire, and other public safety departments) nationwide as a proprietary wellness resource app providing instant access to features including accessing chaplains, peer to peer support groups, anonymous self-assessments, trauma support, suicide prevention, resilience development training, and much more.

CRACKYL Magazine

CRACKYL Magazine is published quarterly for active, successful professional and volunteer firefighters who want greater control over their mental, physical, and emotional lives at work and at home.  Topics include health, lifestyle, fitness, nutrition, relationships, finance, and stress.


Eversleep is an advanced consumer sleep tracker. It monitors your blood oxygen level, pulse rate, snoring, and movement to generate a complete physiological analysis of your sleep. The EverSleep software then analyzes your data based on their sleep coaching algorithms and gives you personalized feedback in the morning to help you improve your sleep.

The Firefighter Deconstructed

Christy Warren, PTSD Survivor and retired fire captain, digs into how the job can affect our mental and emotional health, the ensuing physical symptoms, and how to deal with it. Whether you’re just feeling crappy or have full-blown PTSD, or if you want to know the signs and how to help a brother or sister, it will be discussed on her podcast.

Fund the First

Fund the First is a simple and trusted way to support first responders and military personnel. Every crowdfunding campaign is verified to ensure the donor’s money goes to the intended person. Using their secure online platform, you can create, manage and promote verified crowdfunding campaigns to help first responders, military, and medical professionals raise money in times of need.  FTF mission is simple: Eliminate fraud and provide a trusted platform and community for America’s heroes to receive the support needed.


LegalShield has been endorsed, approved, and vetted by the California and Nevada State FireFighters Association, the California Ambulance Association, and the California Association of the Highway Patrol. They provide the most comprehensive Identity Theft and Legal plans in North America. This affordable service has dramatically helped us personally and helped our business. For more information please contact Phil Shannon at 408-821-2198 or email him at

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Paramedic books, resources, and articles focus on helping first responders to perform at their best, stay healthy, and maintain job satisfaction. The GBU books are friendly, relatable, and conversational scenario based texts that encourage thought around the job of a first responder.

Life Scan Wellness Centers

Life Scan Wellness Centers is the largest and most trusted provider nationally of public safety physicals with over 23 years of experience caring for over 45,000 public safety officers annually in 450 departments and 20 states! With a focus on early detection, we tackle the big issues: cancer, heart disease, and wellness. With first responders, it is critical to do advanced testing that goes way beyond what average clinics provide.

Studies have shown that firefighters are twice as likely to develop mesothelioma compared to the general public. The increased risk is largely due to repeated exposure while responding to emergencies. provides a wealth of information and resources for patients and their families. All of the information is accredited by the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information, and their content is reviewed and verified with doctors before publication - making them one of the very best resources out there. provides support and information for people diagnosed with mesothelioma, especially firefighters and first responders who are regularly exposed to asbestos, the cause of mesothelioma. Learn about emerging treatments, the dangers of asbestos, treatment centers and how to obtain financial support to help pay for medical