Being A First Responder Is Stressful

Irregular sleep
Hard physical labor
Stressful calls
Difficult medical calls
Seeing injury and death
Exposure to toxins
Dangerous situations
Transition from the station to home life

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Excess Stress Has Consequences

Heart attacks and cardiac arrest
Post traumatic stress injuries (PTSI)
Metabolic diseases (hypertension, diabetes, CVD, etc.)

Transform Stress Into Strength

Staying physically and mentally fit for a job as demanding as firefighting needs a comprehensive approach that doesn't require you to change everything about your life, but gets you results. It includes simple, powerful steps to train your nervous system to bounce back from difficult calls, foods that fuel your performance, workouts that increase strength yet don't break you down, and tricks to improve the quality of the sleep you can get.

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“Even though fitness and wellness were already on my radar, the program was a game-changer for me. I had just been pushing through and ignoring symptoms like firefighters do on the job. I highly recommend departments invest in their employees' wellness utilizing First In Wellness.”
- Program Participant
“I’m way more in touch with my body and energy levels. Energy levels remain high but now I don’t have days/weeks where I’m completely sacked from working out because I’ve been overloading patterns and working myself to failure. It’s made the process more manageable, strategic and intuitive.”
- Program Participant

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Overview Of First In Wellness

Performing at your best takes both mental and physical resilience. You became a first responder to serve your community and be there for your first responder brothers and sisters. Excellence requires training. Start taking small steps today to be the best first responder you can be.

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Our coaches have worked with firefighters, police officers, and veterans for years. Our advisory panel is made up of first responders.

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You Can’t Perform At Your Best When Physical And Psychological Health Is Compromised

Stress is part of being a first responder.

Excess stress breaks you down.

Learn to increase your ability to convert stress to positive adaptation.

Every first responder wants to be there for their crew or partner and perform for the public they serve. Having physical and psychological health is required BUT no one is superman or wonder woman.

Our programs provide practical ways first responders can keep themselves performing throughout their whole career and into retirement.

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