Programs For Firefighters Are Open

Staying fit for a job as demanding as firefighting needs more than the “just work harder” approach. This fitness program improves your ability to perform at 100% while using less oxygen. The end result is staying calm under stress when it counts.

Live your Dream

Living your dream lifestyle takes both mental and physical resilience. So whether it’s enjoying a long career, feeling vibrant in your mind and body, or enjoying leisure time with family, team up with First In Wellness to reach your health and wellness goals. Start with small steps to make those dreams your new reality.

Strong, Thriving, and Prepared

Our passion is to keep you—our first responders—strong, thriving, and prepared for anything your job or life throws your way. Our personalized programs are designed specifically for the unique demands on your sleep, nutrition, fitness, and mental agility. Simply put, we help you bring the best version of yourself forward, so you can live the life you want to live!

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Proven and Experienced Coaches

Our professional coaches have decades of experience working with first responders. Not only do they work directly with your superiors to make well-being a priority from the top down, with their guidance, you’ll train to prevent injury, reduce stress and exhaustion, and recover faster from the demands and beatings that come with your job.

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Success Stories

“Even though fitness and wellness were already on my radar, the program was a game-changer for me. I had just been pushing through and ignoring symptoms like firefighters do on the job. I highly recommend departments invest in their employees' wellness utilizing First In Wellness.”
- Program Participant
“I’m way more in touch with my body and energy levels. Energy levels remain high but now I don’t have days/weeks where I’m completely sacked from working out because I’ve been overloading patterns and working myself to failure. It’s made the process more manageable, strategic and intuitive.”
- Program Participant

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