Firefighter Resilience Training

So you’re exhausted, stressed, and your body feels like a punching bag…ready for the next call?

Sure, you’ve probably been through a “wellness” program before. But was it personalized? Interactive? Did you work side-by-side with specialized coaches to make real, meaningful changes? Our immersive training in nutrition, fitness, stress modulation, and sleep is designed to strengthen your body and sharpen your mind. We understand the demands and stresses of your job, and we’re bringing the relief (and maybe a few jokes along the way).

Tell me more about the jokes

Despite the proximity to open flames, it turns out a lot of firefighters aren’t doing so hot. You know that firefighters are at increased risk for:

And while we can’t promise to eliminate every health challenge that comes with your job, we can train you to take them on with proven techniques, long term support, and helpful resources. You’re definitely not in this alone.

Your Personalized Resilience Program

This interactive, online 90-day program is specifically designed for firefighters. It Includes lifestyle and fitness sections aimed at building both physical and psychological resilience. Each participant has a private login and 24/7 access to the program from anywhere. The program features:

  • Instructional videos on goal-setting, nutrition, sleep, stress modulation, and emotional health
  • Small group coaching sessions twice per month (total of 6 in program) hosted on a HIPAA-compliant virtual meeting room
  • Supporting handouts
  • Personalized kettlebell fitness and movement program

Data-driven Results

Program results can be tracked and assessed using:

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Training You for Better Rest, Performance, and Recovery


Nutrition Icon

Eat for resilience, energy, and recovery. Properly fueling your body will improve mental and physical performance, and reduce your risk for chronic health conditions.


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Improve your movement quality and endurance while reducing risks for pain and injury. This dynamic and personalized program meets you where you are and pushes you further.


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Maximize your sleep quality and quantity. Wake each morning rested and ready to perform at your very best.

Stress Modulation

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Transform into a Stress Ninja and build mental resilience with tools to unwind your body and mind. You'll better adapt to stressors and feel ready to respond to each new day and challenge.

You can't buy resilience.
But you can build it with First in Wellness.

First in Wellness is all about helping you make and keep promises to yourself. Sure we tell you how to eat better, sleep better, and take care of yourself. Then we go further, training you to take charge of your own wellness for real results that last.

Success Stories

Danielle Cook Kawash has helped me become more honest with myself through our weekly conversations. She is easy to share with without feeling judged. I highly recommend working with her!
- Greg
Firefighter Testimonial